3 Things Trees Need To Be Healthy

Single tree dying in a cracked land because of pollution and global warming

Homeowners are constantly enhancing their landscaping in order to make their homes look better. It is also an excellent way for increasing property values, especially if you’re planning on reselling your home. Adding trees is one of the popular items people add to their landscaping. Not only do they help increase property values, when strategically placed they can provide shade to areas of the property and the home that can reduce air-conditioning bills during the summer. If you want to make sure your trees remain healthy, follow the three steps listed below.

Number One – Sunlight(or shade)

Most trees used for landscaping purposes require adequate sunlight to maintain proper tree health. If your tree is a variety that relies on sunlight for growth and health, for best results give the tree what it wants. Make sure you plant it in a sunny area so that it gets the required amount of sunlight in order to attain optimum health.

If you have a tree variety that requires shade, simply do the exact opposite. Instead of planting in an area where it gets plenty of sunlight, you would plant your trees in areas where they will get little sunlight. This can be a delicate balancing act because some trees require part shade while others require complete shade. Just make sure you follow the instructions included with your tree and you should have no problem. Otherwise, your tree will struggle to maintain itself.

Number Two – Water

It seems like a common sense requirement, but you’d be surprised how many people forget that their trees need water to survive. This won’t be an issue if you live in an area that gets plenty of rainfall, but if you live in areas that tend to experience periods of drought and extreme heat, making sure your tree gets plenty of water is an absolute must. Without it, your tree will suffer, and may likely die as well.

Don’t overdo it, however. Too much water can be just as detrimental to the health of your tree as getting too little water. If you over water the tree, the roots will have trouble breathing and suffocation is possible, which will lead to the death of the tree.

Number Three – Fertilization

Trees, like people, need food to survive. The more food they have, generally speaking, the healthier they will be. This is where fertilizer comes in. Fertilizer is food for plants, which of course includes trees. Different tree varieties require different fertilizer amounts, so pay attention to the instructions that were included with your tree at purchase.

Some trees can get by with one fertilizer feeding per year while others may need two or more. Still, other trees may do best with no fertilizer feedings at all. This is why it is important to follow the planting instructions for your tree. If you overdo it with fertilizer, you can burn the roots of the tree which can lead to permanent damage and death. In fact, if you are unsure of what the proper amount is for your trees, it is probably safer to avoid using fertilizer altogether than to risk overusing it.

If you’ve gone through the time and effort as well as the financial investment to add trees to your property, it only makes sense that you would want them to be as healthy as possible. Depending on the tree variety, replacing a tree can cost hundreds of dollars, so obviously you would want to avoid that expense if possible. If you follow the three steps mentioned above, your trees will most likely be as healthy as they can be, and replacing them will never be an issue.