Best Tips On How To Cut Down A Tree Safely

There are tons of benefits to having trees in your yard. They provide shade in the summer to keep your air conditioning bills lower, and block the hard rain from causing soil erosion in the winter as well. They also give birds and other wildlife a place to roost, build nests, and make families in a natural way. There are plenty more things that trees can do, like create oxygen and consume carbon dioxide, the main component of global warming gases. However, trees, even when cared for properly, eventually die. Sometimes it’s caused by diseases other times it’s from human intervention, like cutting the roots. Either way, it is important to cut them down safely since they are heavy and dangerous when falling.

Cutting A Tree Down Safely Is No Accident

If you don’t have plenty of experience cutting down trees, you should consider calling in an expert for the initial felling of the tree. This is by far the most dangerous part and careful planning is definitely in order.

Safety gear is imperative and should be worn while operating the chainsaw at all times, plus there is other gear that will be just for the felling of the tree as well. Start with a hard hat, face mask, and ear protection made for protecting your head, eyes, and ears. There will be lots of pieces of sawdust flying everywhere and if you get hit in the eye, you might accidentally cut off a finger while you’re distracted. Get the full face mask that won’t allow anything to get past it and into the eyes.

There are also special chaps, like an apron made of Kevlar, that will stop most chainsaws from ripping through your leg in a few seconds. A good pair of gloves that will protect the hands and still allow movement to work the saw are important.

Figure Out Where The Tree Is Going To Fall

If it’s leaning a certain direction and there is room for it to fall that way, you’re in luck. Unfortunately, it will seem like the tree is always leaning the wrong way and thus more difficult to fell safely. If you don’t think you can hit the safe zone, call in an expert to do it for you. They can climb the tree and cut off the individual branches, one at a time, then do the same to the trunk until what remains can be easily felled without hitting anything.

In some cases, you can also use ropes tied to the tree and have assistants pull on them as the tree is cut. The ropes have to be plenty long so that people are out of the drop zone and there have to be enough helpers so that they are strong enough to make a difference.

Be very cautious of dead branches, they have a habit of coming loose during the process, or worse than that, shattering on impact with the ground shooting large splinters at high speed everywhere. Once the tree is on the ground, keep children and onlookers back until you’re confident the danger has passed. Trees can roll, crack, and splinter causing injuries a dozen feet away.

Felling a tree can be fun to watch but it’s always an unpredictable experience. Even for experienced loggers, cutting down trees is a dangerous job. If you don’t feel absolutely confident, call in an expert, you’ll be amazed at how professional they are at climbing and cutting down your tree quickly.

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