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Where To Get DFW Trees

If you are in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, and you are thinking about planting new trees, you should consider finding a nursery that can provide you with this service. Regardless of the type of tree that you would like to plant, you will be able to find one that will have reasonable prices and a vast selection for you to choose from. There are many trees that you should consider planting in the Dallas Fort Worth area. It has to do with the type of climate that they will be in. This is very different from areas like Florida which is extremely warm and down, or Oregon where it is damp but cool. This is a region that is quite warm and dry, so you need to be careful when choosing trees from a nursery that you are going to plant in your backyard.

What Type Of Trees Work Best In The Dallas-Fort Worth Area

Some of the best trees that you should plant in the Dallas-Fort Worth area include Texas Ash, a tree that is extremely popular in this region. There are some problems with planting this tree, as well as many good points. First of all, it uses a lot of water so if there is a drought, you will definitely see signs of drought stress in your tree. This is something to consider because it is a tree that you will have to manage for many years until it has deep enough roots to handle drought conditions. In addition to this, they are also high maintenance trees. They grow extremely fast. Another possibility is a pond cypress, a tree that does also require quite a bit of water, but it is a little easier to manage.Sunset light on tree in public city park, Beautiful summer park

Top Three Trees You Should Plant In Dallas-Fort Worth

The top three trees that people recommend for this particular area of the country is the Cedar Elm, Live Oak, and what is called the Bur Oak. In particular, the bur oak is a tree that can be found all throughout central Texas, and it can tolerate cold temperatures down to -40 degrees below. It is also not that dependent on having consisted of water, especially as it gets larger. Maintenance is nearly nonexistent because it’s an oak tree, and it also has fantastic tolerance. Therefore, if you want to plan something in your yard that is going to grow into something large, that will not take much maintenance at all, the Bur Oak is the one you should choose.

How To Find A Place To Pick One Up

You can pick one of these out at a local nursery that is in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. It is likely that they will have all of the other trees as well. You may want to consider having a variety on your property, and if they already have some that are several months old, or even a couple years old, you can plant those and have a much better chance for their survival. If low maintenance is what you are looking for, definitely consider oak trees, otherwise you can try out the others as well. Just make sure you are getting these from a reliable nursery that has a good reputation in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

The last thing to consider is having an arborist come out when you are planting them. They can make sure that you are digging the hole large enough, and they can add what is needed to ensure that it grows properly. You can also call upon them to help you win you detect any problems at all, and later on, provide tree trimming services.

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