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Your Trees Through The Seasons

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As the season’s change, your trees will work through different phases of their annual cycle. It is important to know what happens to your trees through the seasons to better understand them. When you understand your trees, you will be able to determine if something is wrong or when the best time to prune them will be.

The Spring Growth

In spring, your trees will start to react to the longer days and the warmer temperatures. Specialized detection cells will send signals for the buds and new leaves to start to expand. Chlorophyll production will also give way to photosynthesis which will produce the sugars that the tree needs for new growth. New twigs will start to grow and new wood will be created to support the new mass.

The trees will not only be busy above ground but below as well. The roots will be extremely active during spring as they grow to find new areas of moisture and nutrients. If the root system does not grow with the tree, there will not be enough energy to power the new growth.

Summer Slow Down

As spring move to summer, the new growth will start to slow down. The enzymes which power photosynthesis will no longer be active during the heat of the day which will slow down the sugar production and growth. Here is a great tree company firm you can contract at One of the reasons why your trees will slow down in summer is the decrease in precipitation and the lower soil moisture levels.

While new growth slows down in summer, this is also the time when the buds for next year’s leaves will set. These buds will generally be ready by mid-summer and will be dormant until the following spring.

Falling Leaves

When fall starts to creep in, the days will shorten and the trees will respond to this by producing less chlorophyll. This is due to the fact that green is actually the least useful to plants in terms of photosynthesis. If you have deciduous trees, the chlorophyll in the leaves will break down and more of the green is absorbed by the leaves. This will leave behind the yellows and reds which are characteristic of fall leaves. Here is a great tree service company at

Winter Dormancy

Most trees in fort worth are dormant during the winter months and deciduous trees will start a process to shed their leaves. These trees will create a layer of tissue between the abscission zone on the branch and the leaf. The leaves will then start to fall through a combination of wind and gravity. This process often starts at the end of fall and will result in all the leaves being gone by winter.

Hormones will be produced by the trees to prevent any dehydration during the winter months. The cells of the tree will also be infused with lipids to prevent them from freezing in extreme climates.

Trees are actually incredible organisms which move through an annual cycle of growth and dormancy. It is important that you understand these processes to understand how your tree works. You can also determine if there are problems with the tree if the phases do not come through correctly.









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